Obrigado, Lisboa, for


everything really: architecture, Ocean breeze, sun, warmth, people, colours, just perfect coffee, gorgeous sunset, golden dusk bathed buildings, the smell of strawberries on the streets

the most wonderful hosts at the Centro de Estudos Judiciários and their gifts of knowledge, history and hospitality beyond expectations

the best companions on a study visit. Thanks, Keti, Sopho, Nino, Keti!

wonderful views from a top of a Roman-time wall

the disappointed look of a waiter when we said we were there for work,

for reminding me that there is always an alternative
for making me understand why the world needs Nata. My hips would disagree, but i will not listen to them for a brief while:

the splendid Museum of Beer and its tasty dark beer, which goes well with a local specialty of fish roll with cheese

saying goodbye to a pair of shoes. But then who walks on hills there has to make an offering to Lisbon’s hills :),

a dream which came true: it took me 17 years to get to know you since my first encounter with the kindest Portuguese colleague of mine and

for a new feeling – Saudade” –  longing, melancholy, or nostalgia – and for making me dream of discovering more and more of you next time.

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