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My right to idleness


Over the last years, I’ve noticed a sweet idleness embracing my body and mind in anticipation of my birthday.

I wish I knew what I did in the womb couple of days just before my birth. I know what my child did…

doing nothing @Viorel Ursu

My idleness comes in many shapes and is fun to observe:

It’s an idleness of a cinderella melting in the arms of her dance partner just before midnight.

It’s the idleness of a happy mother half-asleep with her happy kid by her side.

175824986It’s the idleness of a lioness just before going hunting at dusk.

It’s the idleness of a half-asleep mistress inhaling the smell of her generous lover.

It’s the idleness of a body just out of a terrific spa treatment.

It’s the idleness of a mind exhausted by too many hide and seek games.

It’s the idleness of a puppy bothered by a kid who wants to play.

It’s the idleness of a fighter who has it all now and does not need to prove anything anymore.

It’s the idleness of an otherwise busy morning, which brings the peace of mind back to its temple.

I came to realise that idleness is a right. Once in a while it’s actually healthy to indulge on. With love for ourselves and dear ones. It buys you time to listen, hear, smell, observe, contemplate, enjoy and be grateful for everything you’ve been blessed with.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence


It was such a refreshing reading! A classic story, a classic style. We all know that it’s a love story. With suspense, emotions, doubts, regrets, ups and downs, complications, bliss, erotica, sun rises and sun sets, laughter and tears,  …. .51CBBd4uqqL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-66,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

I also discovered that it’s about things we hold dear or are keen to understand even a hundred years later:

Criticism: “that’s quite true, criticism and knowledge are not the same thing”;

Knowledge: “real knowledge comes out of the whole corpus of the consciousness: out of your belly and your penis, as much as out of your brain and mind”;

Anger: “The steam of so much boredom, and discontent and anger out of all the people, just kills the vitality I the air.”

Vulnerability of a woman in love: “In her womb and bowels she was flowing and alive now and vulnerable, and helpless in adoration of him as the most naive woman”.

Past-present-future: “That was the past. The present lay below. God  alone knows where the future lies”.

Poverty and disparity: “Poverty is ugly. The disparity is fate” (I would disagree on the last one though).

Industrialisation and consumerism: “Everything is to be sold and paid. Everything is sold. You don’t give one heart-beat of real sympathy”.

A very natural basic view on relationships: “I believe if men could fuck with warm hearts, and the women take it warm-heartedly, everything  would come all right”.

Exits: “Just make up your mind to it, an’ you’ve got out o’ th’ mess.”

Perspective on human body: “with the Greeks it gave a lovely flicker, then Plato and Aristotle  killed it, and Jesus finished it off. Bot now the body is coming really to life, it is really rising from the tomb. And It will be a lovely, lovely life in the lovely universe, the life of human body. ”

At times, this book is poetry and prose which sings: “flowers have no houses”, “every parting means a meeting elsewhere”, “love can be wonderful: when you feel you live, and are in the very middle of creation”, “she was at home, in his eyes”

My absolute favourite quote “Perfect, white, solitary nudity of a creature that lives alone, an inwardly alone. And beyond that, a certain beauty, not even the body of beauty, but lambency, the warm white flame of a single life, revealing itself in contours that one might touch: a body!”

Children’s lawyer


When do we stop being our kids’ lawyers? And why?A

My friends know that no matter what I am a kids’ pro bono lawyer on a 24/24, seven days a week duty.

My colleague was upset. At his daycare, her four year son drew a picture of him in future. It was a black painting with couple of squares underneath and a sketch for a human being. „Shall I take this to a psychoanalyst?!”. She looked determined. Relieved she did not say “shrink”!

”Why?” I asked in dismay. „Have you asked him, your son, what he meant to draw?” . „Yes, in the morning”.

„And?”. „He told me the black was for the smoke from a huge fire, and the squares are firefighter trucks and the boy is him in the future, a firefighter!”.

„See, I told her, no need for a psychoanalyst. All you need is to ask him. And I think he is altruistic, concerned about others’ needs, generous and used black/bold to draw attention to danger.”

There was a momentary mental shift in her head, on this occasion at least, I hope.

Children give back what they get or they raise above. Have no expectations of them being our lawyers in due time, if we have not exemplified this role ourselves.

My child is very quick in ordering her father to kiss me. The other day, he asked her to tell me to kiss him.  She made a gesture saying there is nothing I can do 🙂