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Justitia Regnum Fundamentum: Choices we make, consequences others live


A 45 year old lawyer was condemned for trading in influence. He bribed the judges in the court of appeal to buy his “freedom”. His pro-bono lawyer, who was also his friend and is a father of two, learned about it when the judges started the deliberation in chambers. A four figure amount in Euro was the price. Six months later he died in a car accident. Two children and a stay-at-home wife were left penniless. The bribe money did not pay for a life insurance. They will be fine in the end.

A 25 year old mother of two in charge of her three underaged sisters, was imprisoned for stubbing to death her violent husband, whose regularly practiced hobby was to beat her to unconsciousness in front of her children. She suffered multiple injuries. She lost one 7 month pregnancy. She did not bribe the system to protect her. The system wants her behind bars. She will be fine in the end.img_0216

Days latter: “The authorities failed in their obligation to protect the life of a woman who had been genuinely and seriously threatened by her husband.
On 23 February 2015 in the Chamber judgment1 in the case of Civek v. Turkey (application no. 55354/11) the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been: a violation of Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The case concerned the murder of the applicants’ mother, Selma Civek, by their father. The Court found, in particular, that even though the Turkish authorities had been informed of the genuine and serious threat to Ms Civek’s life and despite her continued complaints of threats and harassment, they had failed to take the measures reasonably available to them in order to prevent her being murdered by her husband.”

Names of countries are irrelevant. Names and faiths of people are not.