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Thank you Tbilisi, for


your generous take-away Sun. Strasbourg is all shiny upon my arrival;

catching me umbrella-unarmed and making my hair rejoice in its natural waves. good my hairdresser did not see me;

rich discussions in cool settings;

modesty, devotion and ambition combined in professional ways;

best tasting fruits and veggies. This is the place i would probably go fully vegan. Tabla Restaurant is a place to indulge local dishes and more.

breakfasts served with home warmth;

most talkative and informed taxi drivers;

your sparkling jewelry look from above caught in a midnight flight, mesmerizing and inspiring to come for more.



It’s week-end time,

It’s ponytail time,

The time of a tale.
No particular tale.

Just my humble tale.
The tale of a rebel kid

With friends who  would outbid

The life’s temblors with ease.

An ease, which keeps inspiring

The love of life and beauty

With all its Tutti Frutti 🙂

Little Richard “Tutti Frutti” – all fruits, in Italian. Enjoy!


Happy Fathers Day!


Today is Fathers Day. I want to celebrate my child’s father. 

Inspired by 

There is something magical about a man cooking for his kid.  

A chemistry is formed. For life. 

A love for food, and other life’s basics, is shared. 

Equality and equanimity is transfered. 

Vulnerability is shown and a guarantee that it is ok to be vulnerable is given for life. It will conquer even the greatest masculinity. 

I remember what my father cooked for me once. Plain fried eggs. And these were the best i ever had. 

Happy Fathers Day! To all fathers, cooking or not.  Or just not yet 🙂