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Merci Mulhouse Zoo


for an awesome afternoon when we met Nanuq, the polar bear cub, featured already in international press It is the second polar bear baby born in captivity in France in the last 20 years. 

The best lawn to roll down the hill. 

The friendliest goats with the appetite if a lion. A kid’s first animal feeding experience. I was too scared to dare feed them. 

Witnessing a seal-girl talk along ” do no go, do not leave me here!” silent plea. She left, heartless! 🙂

Gorgeous tulips, an abundance of flowers and well looked after surroundings. 

Higher you get, less you do?


Recent Pope Francis words “the more powerful you are, the more your actions will have an impact on people, the more responsible you are to act humbly” reminded me about something I once heard from a big boss in a big international organisation. He stated loud and clear that his career goal was to get high and do as little as possible. He eventually got pretty high. I kind of wondered about it back then.

To me, higher you get, more you can do. Same is valid for corporations. I like to see performance. I love it more when performance is joined by purpose. Take Apple for example. In 2012,  Apple’s stock market value had neared $625 billion, making it the most valuable company ever. Its underwhelmed social purpose is still to match its extraordinary financial success.

dv1419004Think of all resources one has access to. Let’s take the poorest European country: there were 17000 orphans in 2012. 17.000 was the number of police, intelligence and customs employees. Suppose each of these gets to act as a mentor to each of orphans? Given that these are military structures with people who obey orders, a big boss’s decision has a great chance of being complied with.

Or think about first ladies and opportunities they have to chanel the good and bring to light development issues and influence policy agendas or just meaningfully help on an individual basis. Same is valid, by the way, for husbands of first ladies :).

Or just ordinary people with out-of-ordinary kindness who would make a phone call to a lawyer-friend to ask for a pro-bono involvement, or would open their house door to a charity party to draw attention and collect stuff for needy.

When you get high what is important to me is to keep the connection with the self and your roots and cherish the place you came from. This will keep you away from „the higher you get the harder you fall”. No need to quote unhappy examples here.

“Enjoy your climbing and stay humble”, my reminder for today.


10 Impactful Ways To Recycle & Repurpose Used Clothing – re-post


It was pretty awesome to see my good old Mexx suit at the small cloths shop in my neighbourhood couple of weeks after I put it in this box:

It served me well and it is now earning money for a shop owner. It feels good to see commodities continue their lives.

Among retailer, H&M offers discounts to those who bring used clothes for recycling. There is a growing number of retailers joining the cause of recycling. Check them out in your area.

In Chisinau, I used to donate clothes through a programme developed by Diaconia,, which regularly reports on the charity impact it has and the number of beneficiaries who enjoy the donated clothes and commodities.—1870261.html

If you are looking for ways to repurpose your clothing, this article offers quite a number of options:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, including a staying green way :).

“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak


One of the few books i wanted to keep reading. Every page of the book has a gem on it. It is superbly crafted. Its’ words are enchanting and poignant in a sweet and precious way.

It’s a story of a girl whose adolescence coincides with the times of Nazi Germany. She lost her brother, her mother, her home and gained a new foster home with a father who taught her to read and instilled a love of books to last a lifetime. The books saved her from daily ordeal. The books saved her from death.

The story is narrated by Death. It made me shiver at the beginning to read his words. By the end of the book I got to like this very wise character: “I am all bluster- I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result”.

The book is transformational as it makes you see the Other Germany, which had people who would risk their lives by feeding and sheltering the persecuted Jewish.

This anniversary edition comes with insights of the author on the process of writing. Very valuable for writers beginners. There is also a movie by the same name, directed by Brian Percival. Enjoy!

Thank you, Tbilisi, for


a verve boost: if you are seeking to renew your enthusiasm, the Georgian Spring is the right place to start;

the Barbaris candy sharing, which became now a tradition, along with life hacks from the most talkative and careful driver; He taught me a new definition of inequality “if 2+2 is 100 for them (aka those in power), and zero for me, then it is not right”. No arguments about that;

the hospitality of a family run hotel;

the revisited taste of my grandmother’s pies in Georgian cheese pastries;

a dinner with lots of fun with a dear friend of mine; it’s a true treasure to know that someone is watching the flight schedule waiting for your arrival;

Door to Justice: Supreme Court of Georgia

a new tea to try. My love does not know yet about it 😉
old partnerships renewed and new collaborative relations established;

the halls of justice: Supreme Court of Georgia

an openness to share and discuss issues which are close to the Georgian hearts and minds;

and my simply excellent and humble colleagues, who constantly nurture my aspiration to be better.