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Couple of years ago I contributed to a “Gold Book of Solidarity” written by thousands of employees of an International Corporation, part of a social corporate responsibility campaign. Although it was circulated internally only, it might be worth sharing it further.

I can tell the difference between words and deeds. But I strongly prefer to keep deeds as anonymous as possible.


Two characters became my inspiration: an old man and an old woman of a typical kind we notice, or pretend not to notice, on our streets. The old lady was begging humbly on a side-walk. The poorly dressed old man was slowly making his way down the street when he noticed couple of coins dropped by somebody three meters away from the begging lady…. He picked them up with a visibly painful effort. I asked myself what would he do: he looked like he might need it. He continued his walk, approached the begging lady and … put the change into her hand. People were rushing up and down in the middle of a busy day and his gesture remained anonymous.

Isn’t that an admirable example of human solidarity?!,I asked myself. It shows that sharing is not that difficult. We, and I am no exception, often use the excuse of a busy agenda, many commitments to be met. One has to acknowledge that on our road to achievements and performance, many perks come with success we achieve, positions we gain, partnerships we conclude, businesses we engage in.

“Cope with all the above and help those in need? When, how, why?”, i can hear the busy mind scream. “Personal achievements and social responsibility are not contradiction in terms”, my heart would respond. It can be a go-together if one takes the perspective that what matters most is harnessing the power of those successful and bright (or more privileged ones) to make the world a better place. How? Merely a couple of suggestions:

Orphans: help one upon his/her entry into grown-up life with a monthly scholarship to acquire education or skills and get a chance for a better life.

Thousands of elderly whose sons and daughters flew abroad in search of a better life: donate the price of a dinner with friends in a restaurant for the simple joy of a hot meal delivered for a week to their lonely homes.

Large and disadvantaged families: empty your closets of clothes which are not en vogue this year.

A neighbour facing an eviction due to a clerk’s mistake: help with free legal advice.

It’s not that time consuming, is it? And most of all, it is rewarding: “give and it will be given to you”.

Bring a smile on a face and enrich a life, your life.

Let’s continue to write together the Golden Book of Solidarity, with love and beauty.

Gold Book of Solidarity