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Mean Mommy – P.S. I Love You – re-post


This piece is sharp as a scalpel. The type of writing to which i secretly aspire to. 

Thank you, Jordan Reid, for the inspiration. 


“Being a parent is different from being a friend, and it’s different from being a boss. You want to be both, but the truth is that you’re neither — you’re something in between, and something much more.”

Wonderful encounters


Sometimes all you have to do is open a door. 

Last week, I opened the door into the world of a French artist. His name is Rachid Madani. His studio is in Strasbourg. I often passed by his studio and admired the pastel, warm colours of his creations. I wanted to buy some of his wonderful cards. I love to have a stock to give them to friends to say thank you or just mark a moment. 

I pushed the door and was greeted with a warm pastel voice. My daugher joined me so he spoke to us about the book he wrote "Le turban du sultan" and about his culture. 

I did not have cash with me so had to borrow some from my kid's pocket money. "I did the same this morning", he told us in a moment of complicity.  He offered her one of his cards "Le jour se leve". 

If you are in Strasbourg, open the door to l'atelier d'Art MADANI, 16, rue Sleidan. 

More info on the artist, in French

Family time


– Tomorrow is Family day!, announced our kid on a determined tone. I have plans for us. 

A feeling of glory flourished inside me. I would not have to compete with the iPad for her time on Sunday! 

We started the day in the park. We had a guest for breakfast. 

We baked rolled oats cookies of two kinds: with chocolate chips and with raisens. We played cards. She won. We played table games. I won. And we talked about playing for fun and not for winning. And also about fair-play. 

We created cute beads stuff. 

We ate raisins and watched Ted Talks about nutrition. 

We jumped on the bed, played with the ribbon stick, and had lots of tickling. Made puzzles and origami rabbits for friends and lots of other fun staff. 

Fully disconnected. No smart phones. Just smart and cute faces. 

Enjoy your family time. Today. And everyday. 

Family time Movies: Sing


– What’s the movie about, sweety?

– Never give up!

Indeed, it is. I warmly recommend to watch it on a family movie night. It is highly motivational and funny. It is the story of an upbeat koala, a theater owner gone from the glory to washing cars at a cross-road and back again to glory, by loving deeply what he did and doing it wholeheartedly for the public – small and big. 
Sing is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment. The film includes more than 60 songs from famous artists and also has an original song by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande called “Faith,” which was nominated for a Golden Globe

Enjoy! You’ll be singing for days after!

Books for children (and not only): “Mercy Watson” by Kate diCamillo and Chris Van Dussen


I picked the book in a library in Chisinau about five years ago. The cover looked funny and promised a good laugh. It was a promise kept. I read it to my kid on many nights. It was part if her initiation in Russian.

The series has many stories with Mercy, a joyful pig, a "porcine wonder" who lives with Mr and Mrs Watson. The book we have in Russian has two stories "To the rescue" and "Mercy Watson goes for a ride". Mercy is a sweet trouble maker and has such an appetite for life I envy.

Last month i bought "Mercy Watson to the rescue", Kindle edition, in English. It is still a bed time favorite story. We give characters funny voices and it offers a relaxed transition to sleep.

Read your kids, grandchildren, siblings! Even if they can read by themselves.

What was your favorite creative activity as a child?


When i read an article in the “Mindful” magazine*, the question “What was your favorite creative activity as a child?” drew my attention. Most frequent answers to this questions were:

“Making clothes for my doll from scraps of fabric.

I loved rummaging for scraps and still do!”

“When I was supposed to nap, I would jump on the bed and make ridges and valleys in my quilt. Then I would sit quietly and imagine towns and people living between the ‘mountains.’ (I’m from Colorado.)”

“Needlework and cooking with my grandmother.”


“Making a ‘radio show’ with a tape recorder and my siblings.”

“Putting on plays.”


“Designing houses.”

“Melting crayons,building bricks with the melted wax, and building cities with the wax bricks.”

Nr 4 flashed childhood memories of my grandmother. Happy memories. Warm memories. My hand and her hand mixing the dough. Clothes covered by white flour. The floor covered by flour. The trail to the stone oven she built herself in the courtyard. The smell of freshly baked bread she divided between me and my cousins with her strong and beautiful hands. Her smile as she watched us eat. Her mindful presence and the safe world it opened.

In the quest of creativity, the mind tends to get sophisticated. Yet:

*The article appeared in the June 2017 issue of Mindful magazine.