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The story of a tablecloth

The story of a tablecloth

My previous year Zara Home Christmas tablecloth looked far from the festive look it was promising when purchased. And  Christmas last year asked for something meaningful de celebrate.

On Christmas Eve, I was in the capital of what is still known as the poorest country of Europe. -10Celsius. The souvenirs market colored the grey December afternoon with paintings, souvenirs and handcrafts. She was there. She is as beautiful as i met her four and a half years ago 

I am with my daugther. We spot a white tablecloth with a delicately crafted finishing. It is exactly what we wanted for our Christmas dinner. 

The beautiful old lady is frozen and asks as to help ourselves. I touch her hand. It’s as cold as ice. I offer to bring her a hot tea. She declines. With modesty. She switches the conversation to my daugther. The purchase made, I leave with a hope to see her in Spring. I hope with all my heart. 

The white tablecloth joined the other two tablecloths i bought from her. They witness our family meals, meals with friends, silent meals, joyful meals. They keep the story of the beautiful old lady part of our stories. 

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Thank you, Tbilisi, for

Thank you, Tbilisi, for

Letting me experience the snowy you. You looked like a humble bride in a pristine white veal.

The driver who reminded me the taste of childhood – with a simple barbaris candy.

The authentic and nutritious food i continuosly enjoy. 

The smell of freshly baked bread accompanied by a large baker’s smile. Handsome baker 🙂

Not letting me sleep at night and still feel fresh and fit. I only disconnected twice in the two-day meetings :). 

Old and new friendships that warm my heart. 

Putting to test my negotiations and assertiveness skills. 

The most committed, grateful and driven partners.

And a stellar team and colleagues. 

Truly, Tbilisi, the city that loves you!