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Happy hippie vegetarian dream


I haven’t seen her for about a year. She returned from a stay abroad. Her eyes are shining and sparkling now.128095142

Last time we met for a coffee she was tense, her white-collar job forcing her into a pattern many white collars follow. That time dark circles marked her eyes. Today, she was happy, calm, flawless, bright, excited, emotionally generous, ageless.

She follows her dream. A vegetarian café. Over the last half a year, she has done an internship at a vegetarian restaurant abroad, getting her hands dirty in the kitchen, in parallel to on-line courses on nutrition and business. Next on her list is an internship with a restaurants management business somewhere in Belgium.

Her mind is busy, her soul is blossoming. She follows her dream. She is over her guilt and sense of obligation to her law degree. The world is hers. Here, or there, on this continent or another, she will open a vegetarian café.

She made me think of my child. What makes children happy, makes parents happy. Even if we see our kids in a white-collar job they will want to trade one day for an apron.

I am about to go vegetarian


It sounds appealing to become one with vegetus, as in lively and vigorous, right?

For my birthday party at work I ordered Mexican food: all meat based and spicy. In the evening, I felt a wave of aggressiveness taking over my mind. Nothing pleased me. I was ready to fight for no particular reason.’ Give me a sword and I am willing to join a crusade’ kind of mood :). Now it’s funny. It was not that funny back then.

No wonder my body reacted to the unusual intake of meat. I am a moderate meat consumer and I consume meat only from sources I know and I trust. My mind reminded me of my earlier thoughts about adopting vegetarian or maybe even a vegan diet. The pregnancy and breastfeeding postponed that debate. Maybe its time for another go.

I remember my body lightness and mind’s joy after a six week Lent when all meat, fish, diary, egg products were excluded at no costs and with no particular effort. My mind produced bright ideas. I was engaged fully in all my projects. Stress went down. My energy went up. I was happy and spreading happiness.

Today I came across a study on that issue: „Restriction of meat, fish, and poultry in omnivores improves mood: A pilot randomized  controlled trial” http://www.nutritionj.com/content/pdf/1475-2891-11-9.pdf. References thereto can be found on also on: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/11/vegetarianism-stress-happiness-_n_1335664.html. Another interview I recently came across is pretty inviting:

http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2012/07/qa-joanna-blythman?fsrc=nlw|newe|7-25-2012|2890091|36966107| with Joanna Blythman, a British investigative food journalist, on her book “You are what you eat” .

So, shall we, dear? as in embrace your body with a conscious mind of what you eat? After all, ‘we are what we eat’.