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“I must betray you” by Ruta Sepetys


I lived across the border and we knew nothing about what was happening 150 km away. Maybe the adults knew some things, but it was never discussed in our presence. Romania was not spoken about. We only learned about Romanians in early nighties. When the Soviet Union fell, my mother travelled to Romania to sell basic food items, as many people from Moldova did. She was so upset by the poverty she saw there that she gave the sugar, pasta and rice for free to a Romanian, a mother like herself.

I love Sepetys’ writing because she gives a voice to those we will not read about in history books. She makes us aware about the way the history would be told by young and elderly, by mothers and sisters, by brothers and simple solders. I am always in awe about the extent of the research she does for her books and the time she takes to read, talk to people, ask questions and go into the depth of archives, in Romania in this case. All this to tell the story of a 17 year old Romanian in late 1989, the year of a Revolution which brought answers but also many questions. Historical fiction like this reminds us that “… history is nuanced, complicated, and doesn’t easily fit into defined categories” in the author’s own words.

Thank you, Bucharest!


for your unique taxi drivers. This time I got a free lecture about Romanian politics and democracy seen from behind a taxi wheel, by 60-year-old Giga, a most proud Romanian. And all that in the notorious Bucharest traffic. I got to the airport in no time. Giga is talented at his job.

for your melancholic fog

for new partners who aspire to make Romania a better place to live

for Marriott style hospitality, who is also mindful of the city’s heritage and promotes it to visitors

the sweet gifts to spoil my colleagues

my husband’s favorite cookies. Probably the only ones I do not bake, so I owe you on this one

& new beautiful stationery with a Romanian touch for my kid.