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Thank you, Podgorica!


  Hvala, for your warm hospitality, 

emerald-magenta skyline, 

rock-solid devotion to the country of the professionals I met, 

excellent new professional connections, 

one of a kind barista-patissier juggling coffee-making with divine tiramissu making in front of my eyes @Fabrika, 

polite taxi drivers, 

best sea fresh fish with truffles @Masa, 

smiling (for some reason only they know) policemen in riot equipment, 

the echo of numerous “hvala” of a nice seniour for a simple gesture of letting him pass at the cashier and holding the door open for him, 

baristas who make coffee-gifts even at 6am, 

architecture meeting nature, 

rainbow in the milk-white-clouds and 

more poetry to come back for 🙂