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Gaming parenting


– Let’s go for a walk.

– Mom, it’s 2020! Who does this anymore?!

What we did instead was to play and hang out in Adopt me.

I played the baby and Sofia played the mom. A very good mom to a very spoiled brat. My personality online is the opposite of the one in real life. I wonder what Freud would say about it… Not that I care.

I chose my outfit – urban romantic glamour, in case you need to know. I decorated my room for a budget of 100 Gamedollars.

We had ice cream and pizza with Ramsay – in this precise order. Oh, Heaven!

We spent time on the playground and by the camp fire. I only had 50 gamedollars on my game account and I spent the time of my life. Because it was time spent with my treasure.

Kids grow. So do parents. When was the last time you played with your kid?

Teleworking week 3: view from home


While teleworking, I discovered that routine is queen. Yet, I remember that it is a constitutional monarchy. Dancing and crying and hugging and feeling sad are not under her rule. I can do any or all of that, if I feel like. No permission from the queen-routine required.

At the first walk-around-the-block since this started: « Mom, I have an impression I am walking with a toddler…». I was beyond myself from the sun and air and river view. Never in my life the view of a swimming water rat excited me to levels I never knew. I promise, my child, I’ll grow swiftly back into your mom.

As we cannot go and greet the spring, the way we used to, we turn to art. Thank you Conny Famm for your “State of soul”.

My shopping patterns changed. I cancelled orders. That’s a first for me. Instead, I redirected the money to a local initiative of chefs cooking for hospitals’ staff in the region – Des repas pour les anges gardiens. And in my home country through Diaconia http://www.diaconia.md.

The fight for internal resources – the one and only laptop in the house – ended with a gentlemen agreement.

I “went” to a ballet performance. « LAC » by Jean-Christophe Maillot at Monte Carlo Opera, courtesy of Monaco plus.

I seriously upgraded my emoji use skills. From novice to intermediate. I am still very far from the emoji-master in my house. I’ve got something to aspire to.

We welcomed a new precious member into our family and thank him for reminding us of the gift of life. We wish him a happy and long life! And we promise to be more conscious of what we do to mother Earth and how we treat each other.

Children’s lawyer


When do we stop being our kids’ lawyers? And why?A

My friends know that no matter what I am a kids’ pro bono lawyer on a 24/24, seven days a week duty.

My colleague was upset. At his daycare, her four year son drew a picture of him in future. It was a black painting with couple of squares underneath and a sketch for a human being. „Shall I take this to a psychoanalyst?!”. She looked determined. Relieved she did not say “shrink”!

”Why?” I asked in dismay. „Have you asked him, your son, what he meant to draw?” . „Yes, in the morning”.

„And?”. „He told me the black was for the smoke from a huge fire, and the squares are firefighter trucks and the boy is him in the future, a firefighter!”.

„See, I told her, no need for a psychoanalyst. All you need is to ask him. And I think he is altruistic, concerned about others’ needs, generous and used black/bold to draw attention to danger.”

There was a momentary mental shift in her head, on this occasion at least, I hope.

Children give back what they get or they raise above. Have no expectations of them being our lawyers in due time, if we have not exemplified this role ourselves.

My child is very quick in ordering her father to kiss me. The other day, he asked her to tell me to kiss him.  She made a gesture saying there is nothing I can do 🙂

My toddler = my mentor


I learned to look at my self through her eyes, in awe of the beauty of the human face.

I embrace my grey hair, as I know life continues through her and it unfolds in many shapes and colours.

I rediscovered the green freshness of grass barefoot. I dance like no one is watching.

I can now throw a tantrum at a non-collaborating colleague, for a mirror effect and smile in triumph that it works!

I take no pride in my achievements: her first steps with a naturally humble expression taught me that.

I relearned to invent unheard of explanations for things and events, which otherwise are defined by dullness. „Why don’t you clear the payment for this consultant?” asked my supervisor. „Well, his fascinating report requires and deserves much more time to be processed and understood” (much better than „his report is a waist of time, money and paper” aha!).

I laugh until it hurts. All of it: my cheeks, my tummy. I laugh in spite of expression lines, which I feared before.

One does not need to wait for a birthday once a year. We sing “Happy Birthday” every time we want, when we want and how many times we want, regardless of the calendar.

The best jewelry are her harms around my neck, while my jewelry are her toys.

I learned to see the beauty in sh…ty situations: “Look, my poop looks like a tower…./ a sea horse!”.

I get the best parts in her imaginary plays: one day I am a princess, the other day I am “Her majesty, the queen” or a butterfly …

I reach new heights of creativity: try to invent a bed time story on demand. It needs to have a sconces and a meteorite which fell on dinosaurs as main characters.

I learned to laugh loud about a snoring, which was such an annoyance before.

I join her in throwing toys around the house for a decor to make the best designers bite their nails.

I learned the combine ingredients for a meal that not only taste good but also looks like a piece of art: art nouveau, post-impressionist, cubism… you name it.

I enjoy now every park, every tree, every leaf……….

All come with a deep sense of gratitude for every step we take together on a journey of life, with love to share.


Each night as I tuck covers around them
and bend to kiss their sweet, sleepy faces,
I don’t care that they used
all the silverware in the garden.

Let’s fill the house with angels,
I whisper to my husband
as I slip between the sheets.

I learned to Sware

by Pam Vap, with love

P.S. Politicians too can benefit from guidance from little persons: Photo: UNICEF. Sfefan Fule, Commissioner responsible for the enlargement and neighbourhood