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Active meditation


I got introduced to yoga about 6 years ago, at my gym. The trainer asked me whether I meditate. „medi’ what? was my response. My life was busy or better say hectic at that time. I did not have time for sleep. The thought of introducing a new item on my agenda was met with huge resistance by my brain, who ruled it all at that time.

If you are here it may mean you are having same dilemmas and questions I had six years ago. I started meditation only to learn that it made me feel more frustrated and tense. I could not manage to reach that promised Nirvana!

My answers came from Osho and his concept of ‚active meditation’. My research brought me here http://www.osho.com/Main.cfm?Area=meditation. It worked for me, mainly because my heart was suppressed and my life had a single, tough, merciless ruler – my brain.

You may come across many techniques. It’s fine to know that not all techniques work for all. We are all unique and finding what works for you is part and parcel of active meditation. The finality, not so much the process, gets the reward. When you’ll reach that state of detachment, clarity, joy and lightness, serenity or whatever else you need, you’ll know what works for you. It shall all come naturally, effortlessly. It doesn’t matter where you are and what you do.157586356

I meditate when I breastfeed my baby. I meditate when I bake. I meditate when I read. I meditate when I walk. I meditate when I write. I meditate when I listen. I meditate on my feet. I meditate on my head. I meditate on the floor. I meditate on a pile of pillows. I meditate under the shower. I meditate when I make love.

Interested? Go for more! And share your experience please. Sharing may also become part of active meditation…

Labeling: too human to give up?


I was once called greedy. At a break, in a workshop meant to entertain us the moderator made us draw pigs. I drew one in the middle of a folded sheet. She declared it ‚ a pig made by a greedy’. I would have called it ‚a pig made it by an environment conscious person’ :)– same sheet had many uses, before going into recycling.
I was taken aback by this labeling in a moment when I was fully voluntarily involved in a shelter for single mothers at risk of abandoning their babies. Humanly natural, this comment hurt my feelings and my ego asked for revenge.
Behind that story my mind raised a more essential question: what makes us jump into conclusions and judgments about people we barely know and even people we know or we think we know. Is it the internal confused, deprived of self-approval, self-critical dwarf that makes some label others? Is it prejudice, stereotyping? the ability to jump into conclusions? a misjudgment? Is it the temporary short-lived pleasure of feeling ‚better’ that is triggered by ‚i know it all’ perspective? Is it a past experience of a bullying’s victim seeking revenge now as an adult?

What I know is that critique attracts critique and misunderstandings. Misunderstandings are counterproductive in building healthy relationships. And we need healthy relationships to grow into better human beings.

A Dalai Lama or Osho will almost certainly never use labels of any kind. The reality is as such that we do not always communicate with dalai lamas and oshos in our daily lives.

There always be people who would try to fix you with a label. It’s their choice. Your choice is greater: if you do not want a label or feel it is not just, nothing makes you stay near a labeling-person. It’s the loss of labelers who, preoccupied with labeling, miss great opportunities to learn about themselves, to build positive institutions, to bring out the best out of themselves and to engage  with potentially someone great as yourselves.