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Love for Big: Michael Clarke Duncan


Have you noticed how overwhelmingly annoying can short guys be? And how tenderly inviting can big guys be?

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan left physically this world. I’ll remember him for his John Coffey role in The Green Mile. I never shed a tear at movies but his performance in the 1999 movie made me cry.

Director Michael Bay: „We found him in a gym. He cried at the first audition because he was so proud to audition for a Michael [Bay] and Jerry [Bruckheimer] movie, he just wanted to make his mom proud.” Green Mile director Frank Darabont: “Michael was the gentlest of souls – an exemplar of decency, integrity and kindness.” Tom Hanks: „Michael’s writing, resembled that of “a 12-year-old girl who loves horses”.

i read somewhere that it does not matter what you do. What matters is the impression it leaves. A tender soul in a 6ft 4in (1.93m), 300 lb (136 kg) body to be remembered and cheerished for his tenderness, purity, softness and kindness. There is no need for us to wish you ‚rest in peace’- you are Peace.