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Same destination. Two roads.


I have embarked on a double journey: that is same destination, i.e. Beauty,  by taking two roads, i.e. Miranda Kerr and Lizzie Velasques.

How did I come to know them? Miranda Kerr is one of the globally recognized Angels . I got to recognise her face from my shopping on VS web site. I learned she initiated her own business, Kora Organics. There was a link to her book on that site. So I bought it, the book. It’s called „Treasure Yourself”.

I got to learn about Lizzie Velasquez from Internet (it is such a good friend, isn’t it?!). Her name was associated with something I find dreadful: „the ugliest woman in the world’ in a YouTube video. So I googled for more. Got to her website. There was a link to her book on that site. So I bought it. „Be Beautiful, Be You”.

These two ladies, Lizzie, 23 year old, and Miranda, 29 year old, have something to say about beauty and love. Each in their own ways. Unique ways. I hope they read each other’s books as they have plenty to learn from each other.

I adored Lizzie’s light, kind, soft, warm and so very very personal style. Her sharing of her personal prayers is such an intimate act of love. And life was not easy and is still not easy on her.  Miranda was, what we conventionally call, fortunate. She had her ups and downs, but still her book leaves the impression her road was smooth and taking her almost effortlessly into the direction she chosen for herself. They have something fundamental in common – a loving family. That is their roots are solid and no matter what they have a  welcoming nest to return to.

After finishing Miranda’s book I was left with the feeling that I wish it was a bit more personal. Miranda relies a lot on other’s philosophies  e.g. Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. She was modest in sharing personal experiences and the way she overcome difficulties. Lizzie’s book, on the other hand, is all about personal experience, thoughts, fears, courage, tears, smiles, daily challenges and victories.

I feel enriched and grateful for such happy encounters. Will definitely keep following what Lizzie and Miranda do, each in their own worlds, which, I hope, will continue to be full of love and beauty.

The gift of unwanted children


She knew she was not a desired child from her first breath. She knew it when a sea wave claimed her life. She knew it when a racing car touched the tip of her hair and her six years of life glimpsed in a second before her eyes.

Reading some stories on http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Was-An-Unwanted-Child/684952 made me realise that parents deprive their children of their inner confidence because they themselves lack it. They do not cherish their lives enough to be able to share love and behave accordingly with their progenies. It’s not about the child. It’s about the parent. The parent is the one in need of help. If he/she wants it. 

‚You get what you give’ is a basic rule of life. What can an unwanted child give back to his/her parents? Many will lower and respond with the same rejection, anger and egoism.

Many will rise above and bless them. As I did. It was a long way but it was immensely worth it, as it brought me peace and love. I gained back my power. It came from the understanding that while it’s true that back then I had no choices, I do have a choice now.

Unwanted children are a gift to themselves, this is my pronouncement. They are survivers. Thanks to John Medina (Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five) and Louise Hay I understood that my brain worked harder to claim my right to live and to prosper and to love, namely because it felt threatened.

It takes time and effort to reinstate your inner child where it belongs – in a loving heart.

It can be your own heart or the heart of your loved and desired child. Your child and your inner child will be a great company to each other – I know it firsthand :).