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Do you garden?


I would not bore with advantages of gardening. I am a novice rooftop gardener. Started with a kitchen herbs garden: pots of basilic, thyme, mint, chilly pepper and strawberies that actually produce a heavenly tasting berry. 

I love the connection to Earth that this kitchen garden provides me with. Bigger and busier the cities I live in, greater my attraction to gardening and micro-scale farming by my kitchen window.

A touch of green to spoil my vision. A flavour of nature to spoil my senses.

A tribute to my grandmother who’s garden was an Eden.

My kid learns about causality: you plant, you water, they grow, you eat. Kids learn about planning, sharing and carrying for.

These are useful skills for some adults, me included, some times, as well.

This could actually be a good question at job interviews: „do you garden?”.

May tell quite something about people, don’t you think?