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Happy Holidays!


Eat, dance and fold some khinkali!

Starring: Christmas tree in the front of the Parliament, decorations on Rustaveli avenue, chechelaki (Georgian traditional tree), Sukhishvili ballet dancers, and khinkali.

Our first virtual date

Our first virtual date

We increasingly live in parallel worlds and switch from virtual to what we call “real” in the blink of an eye, literally. So, when my child proposed to organise for us a virtual romantic dinner, I jumped into it with enthusiasm. And gratitude. After such a long period of “date fasting” imposed by this unusual times, a virtual date sounded absolutely great. I would not have to worry about the cough at the next table, at least.

So at the appointed time, we logged in and got an invitation to join the place where a table with delish looking food was laid for us on a terrace just for the two of us. Our child acted as a host and was at our service with grace and joy. She also fully designed the place and paid for all expenses. She is a very generous person.

We did everything you do on a date: we chatted, ate, drank (water – no alcohol allowed in the game). We also had an invited guest popping in. Thank you, game creators, for the “block » button.

The fun part is that you can do in the game things you’d not normally do in real life. Like dancing on the table after the meal. Not that you cannot do that in real life, I guess, under certain circumstances, which you may regret the next day.

So, I fully recommend the virtual dating. It’s fun, unobliging and free, free from mosquitos as well.

Have fun and stay safe on the internet.

Why I don’t post anything on-line about my child


This has been on my mind for sometime. http://goodmenproject.com/families/tmb-the-insincerity-of-modern-parenting/?utm_source=huffingtonpost.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pubexchange_facebook by Adam Hall was my muse. Thank you, http://goodmenproject.com ! Safety and Privacy first It’s a public space out there. My facebook timeline has the miraculous way of getting from “custom control” to a default in the blink of an eye. Should I want full exposure, I would remove my home walls and build glass ones. It might be a bit of a rough comparison, but the effects are kind of similar. Pervert behaviour finds an easily accessible place to flourish. Annoyed by a stranger trying to get to talk to your child on the street? It might be a facebook friend who knows so much about you and your family from regular posts and photos. Do I want to enjoy my life and parenting? I live it in present. I look into my child’s eyes. Letting strangers and facebook friends look into your kid’s eyes is irrelevant to his/her growth and your parenting experience. Joy Comparison is the thief of joy, they say. Rightly so and especially so when it comes to my bundle of joy. “Is she already” doing this/that? “Has he not yet” done this/ that? Millions of pictures, posts and comments on babies, kids, parents. Why subject myself and my child to such an infinite amount of scrutiny and pressure? My timeline events are in my hearts, family photos and albums, my children’s memories. These are just priceless and foremost – scrutiny and judgement free. Networking/Support groups Maybe. Maybe not. Plenty of studies out there finding quite the opposite. A warm handshake, a shoulder to lean on, a quiet talk have not yet been removed from the definition of human support and interaction. Like-s and rushed comments on a post pale by comparison. We live in here and in now. Our present thoughts and actions form our future. Do we want it meaningful or virtual? I know my response 🙂