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“The gift of presence, The perils of advice” – re-post


One of most beautiful pieces I read in a while, written humbly, soul-touching:

https://onbeing.org/blog/the-gift-of-presence-the-perils-of-advice/ by Parker J. Palmer.




I have a black dress with a beautiful flower print, three quarters sleeves, midi length. I call it my 90s dress. As in “a dress to wear in my 90s”.image

I picture myself in my mid ninetees wearing it with an orange scarf, a flirtish small purse, mid heels, by my partner’s arm, heading to my daughter’s house for an afternoon picnic.

This is my pledge. A pledge to a long, healthy, happy life, surrounded by people with whom I share a commitment to nurturing. I love the feeling this pledge gives. It makes me grateful and wise about how I use my life resources.

I once met a psychiatrist who cautioned me about the way I use my resources, in a period I worked for five big clients simultaneously, under tough tight deadlines. A did not know the word No at that time. From an Yes person, I turned into a robot. The psychiatrist asked me to pay a visit to her hospital. Seeing Mentally alienated people was an wake up call. It showed the bottom which brought in the salvaging perspective. The mind is a servant. Put it to good use and it will serve you. Make it run endless, meaningless errands and it will rebel. Payback time will get tough. The bottom will be quick to hit. Regaining balance will be challenging.

Back to my dress. It was on my “to donate” list. Until its orange flower print gave me that sense of perpetuation. Was it its stand-out orange pattern, with its energising sunny colour? Was it the contrast between black and orange as in a competition for a bet on the bright side of the life? It can be both. It regained now a prominent place in my wardrobe. This pledge is printed out, folded and kept in my diary, as a claim made with an open heart and humility to a long, healthy, prosperious, loving, fulfilling life for the good of all.

I n s p i r a t i o n


I am stuck. Which road to take? Which step to take? Whom to turn to? Why do it? Is it worth it?

Questions, questions, questions springing and spinning  in my mind……

And then here is the answer:

@Andy Hooper.

Oscar Pistorius has already inspired a generation with his 400m performance, despite being a double amputee. Ellie Challs is the young girl he is racing here.

Look at her face and body laguage. It is a lively expression of ‚I can do it!” today and everyday. This is how drive, perseverance and joy of being alive look like! I could not take my eyes of her for hours!

The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves.

That’s it. My mind has no more questions. This image lifted my spirits to a place where I am able to deal with whatever comes my way.

Back on road! A happy ride, dear!