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To me, teachers are those who leave prints on minds and souls. Teachers come into our lives in many forms and shapes.

Some teachers are people. Some of them are certified. The other day, buying a ticket for a kids theater performance, the lady at the entrance proudly told me „I have been teaching for 47 years! Today I look at myself in the mirror and say to myself – You are quite something!” I hope she taught self-esteem to all those generations of kids for forty-seven years. At my daughter’s favorite museum in town, the lady supervising one of collections has an amazing joy of life. She also shared she was a teacher for 40 years. I hope she taught the joy of life to all those generations of kids for forty years.

Some teachers are not certified and do not even aspire to. They come into our lives to guide when guidance is needed and to support when support is needed. They may stay for longer or may leave when their teaching mission is complete. I was once visiting UNESCO painted monasteries in Romania and during one of those visits I noticed a nun joining another with a narcissus in her hand praising the beauty of the flower and expressing gratitude for the beauty she sees and cherishing the flower as the supreme jewelry. They were my gratitude teachers, in a time when nothing pleased me. Than narcissus lead a mental shift.

Sometimes a good book is a teacher. My shelves are full of such teachers. For example, „How good people make tough decisions” by Rushworth M. Kidder or „Grace and Gritby Ken Wilber are teachers I go often for guidance.

Sometimes, a past experience is a great teacher, shall we be willing to re-experience it and learn from it.

Sometimes, our kids are the greatest teachers.

Sometimes, a butterfly releasing its wings from the cocoon is a timely teacher.

I am sure you have your own teachers for references. Teachers, whatever their form or shape, are there when we need them. Just ask the Universe for it and open your heart and mind.