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Thought of the week


I think I discovered the Master of Resilience: Winnie the Pooh, the 1969 Russian cartoon character – Vinni Puh.

No matter what, he bounces back.

He falls from a tree, he stands up and walks towards his goal.

He gets stuck in a passage, he pulls him self out.

He wants honey, he perseveres. And he is rewarded. That’s quite a resilient guy!

The cartoon is helps explaining the resilience concept to kids. It is also a good and filled with humour reminder to adults 🙂




Merci Rosheim


for the great Fana’briques 2017, with enthusiastic adult and children fans of Lego

Rosheim is a lovely Alsacian village on the Wine Route with

a XII century church hosting an art expo some of its Roman times history alive and just beautiful sites to visit on a week-end afternoon