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Kids, nature and MPs


An ordinary day in Strasbourg. Kids are on the river.

An ordinary day in the European Parliament. MPs are in their comfy chairs in the modern tower of Babel.

Let’s switch their places for a while: MPs – on the river and let the kids play in the tower.

As an MP, if you want to have the floor, you’d have to paddle to the chair, against  the wind, the waves, the rain into your face…

If you want to talk to a lobbyist, you’ll have to paddle to the bank (of the river)… .

For committees’ works, you’ll have to do it in the open. Whispering will not work, as the passing by boats can be noisy. And there is no air-conditioning to protect from the boats’ emissions…

Perhaps, this will make the MPs hear the voice of kids, when they demand care for the Earth, nature, the health and well-being of generations to come.

How green am I? How green are you?


Here is my greenish rating (took a quiz at my University today). Quite funny:

‘Active. You walk your green talk. Your demands to walk lightly on Earth are reflected in your own lifestyle”.

True to some extent:

I turn off lights and equipment I do not use.

I buy products in reusable package.

I use my mug for drinks instead of disposables.

I do not own a car. And I walk every walking distance.

I do not used elevators, unless with heavy stuff or my baby in my arms.

I buy organic food from a local producer.

I have a kitchen garden for herbs.

I am a fun and user of old generation’s gadgets.

I collect used paper and give it to a charity that takes money to buy small things they need for a mother-child shelter.

I started looking closer into political candidates’ agendas for environment issues.

This is the least I can do. My child made me more environmentally conscious. Everything I do is about my child’s and children’s Present and Future on this Planet.

What is nice about the above quiz is that it gives in conclusions excellent ‘food for thought’: ‘Can an individual action make a difference or is it just a waste of time?  If we, as societies, would like to do a good job thinking through issues of loss of habitat, climate change, desertification, etc, then ordinary people need to be better equipped to debate on these issues, ask questions and be ready to act on answers’.

And yes, I do believe, ‘change starts with me”.