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Thank you Chisinau

Thank you Chisinau

for my dearest people who make me feel at home, regardless of the time which passed since our last encounter. You know who you are.

for my first eight-pairs-of-hands-baking experience with orphan girls in the care of Diaconia and a chance to share with them a baking atmosphere I had with my grandmother.

for my daughter’s enthusiasm and support: “Mom, you were such a pro, juggling the parallel teams at baking!”.

for Diaconia’s wonderful team of people whose dedication I admire from the bottom of my heart. Check them out at http://www.diaconia.md.

for allowing young musicians to express themselves under the street lights in Stefan cel Mare park:

for the betterment if your zoo. We can be critical of many things we saw there, yet we choose to appreciate how much it evolved since its establishment 40 years ago

for my school, which celebrated 50 year recently. It was a moment of joy to retrace my steps to and from the school, with my daughter this time around.

for a great number of professionals I met and who do the best they can and aspire to do better, regardless of the circumstances. You know who you are.

and, last but not least, for your splendid autumn colours which stand to remind us of the unique beauty of nature this time of the year.

Multumesc Chisinau


for the most amazing welcome, with wide open arms of people i know and worked with years ago. They still recognise Oxana-redhead-blond- redhead again :). 

For my dearest friends always close by and who filled my home with the smell of home-made bread for me to take home (my other home).  

The change i saw and the admiration i took with me for what brave people do, in spite of lots of adversities. 

Precious time with a dear friend in recovery. She tought me to slow down right when i needed it most. 

Your Autumn mornings colours and my slight sense of envy to sleeping pidgeons on my way to early morning meetings. 

The fun of carousel meetings from eight to eight and the plea of my brain to keep going to learn more. With a deepest sense of gratitude to the best interpreters, who went above and beyond their regular duties. 

The most amazing, kind and intelligent team of consultants on a mission. And the out-of-meetings moments we shared when i could show them bits of my city. 

Fulfilling my need to see sunrises from my window while sipping my coffee. 

Witnessing my brave cleaning lady taking her faith into her hands and going into entrepreneurship. She is my hero. 

The most efficient and discrete plumber who came at 10pm to fix my water hitting. It was perhaps my team members little prayer, as they risked sharing their hotel bathroom with me 😉