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To mother. To all mothers


ddef8f5f5acf2cfbcca081d7147d25dd--mommy-quotes-mother-quotes“Mother is a verb. It is something you do. Not who you are”: it made me think of all those who mothered me.

My hubby who got me water when I collapsed from dehydration.

My kid who places her hand on my forehead to check whether I have fever.

My baker, who slides into my bag a little sweet surprise.

My swimming trainer who helped me overcome a childhood fear with just two words: “trust me”.

My cat waiting for me by the door to come back from my first trip abroad twenty years ago… His mothering ended at that, as stealing my breakfast remained his favourite game 🙂

Here is to all beings who mother each day, with gentle gestures, words of kindness and touches of love.

I’ll go now and mother someone.

Happy mothers day!

Reminder: kids rights are human rights


A situation observed at a primary school in the land of ” fraternite, egalite, liberte”:

A teacher’s assistant, addressing the teacher with all kids present, said:

– There could be an epidemics in the school. X, Y and Z could be carrying it. And tenderly touched the rosy chick of a child next to her. 

Back in the class, the teacher decides to give 5 and 6 year olds the full clinical picture of a suspected childhood desease and its lethal effects. It is easy to guess what this inadequate and un-adapted information does to a child’s vivid imagination.  On the way from school, the child refuses to give the hand to her parent: “you might die”, he hears. 

It is also easy to guess, the reaction of the child’s parents on this. Confronted, the school assistant denied she made public children suspected diseases. She asked the director for support. The director said “she did not say in public, X, Y and Z have AIDS quand meme!”  You should have seen my face, in case you were wondering who the parent was. 

Dear teachers, principles and other well-intended adults, the right to privacy is as much a child’s right, as it is yours. You do not want your co-workers, superiors and alike to talk in public about your disease, even if it is not AIDS. If it happens to you, you’ll seek remedies and, as a minimum, an apology. 

Children are fully fledged holders of rights. They also have a right to a lawyer and the right to compensation. This is not a threat. Only a firm reminder. 

The situation at the school was remedied. The director understood from both my words and body language what was wrong. And the anxiety it created. She offered to talk to the assistant and the teacher. And she did. And to talk in private to the child to reassure her she is in perfect health. 

“I was called to the principle’s office, mom.  And it was cool”. 

And cool it will remain. 

Children’s lawyer


When do we stop being our kids’ lawyers? And why?A

My friends know that no matter what I am a kids’ pro bono lawyer on a 24/24, seven days a week duty.

My colleague was upset. At his daycare, her four year son drew a picture of him in future. It was a black painting with couple of squares underneath and a sketch for a human being. „Shall I take this to a psychoanalyst?!”. She looked determined. Relieved she did not say “shrink”!

”Why?” I asked in dismay. „Have you asked him, your son, what he meant to draw?” . „Yes, in the morning”.

„And?”. „He told me the black was for the smoke from a huge fire, and the squares are firefighter trucks and the boy is him in the future, a firefighter!”.

„See, I told her, no need for a psychoanalyst. All you need is to ask him. And I think he is altruistic, concerned about others’ needs, generous and used black/bold to draw attention to danger.”

There was a momentary mental shift in her head, on this occasion at least, I hope.

Children give back what they get or they raise above. Have no expectations of them being our lawyers in due time, if we have not exemplified this role ourselves.

My child is very quick in ordering her father to kiss me. The other day, he asked her to tell me to kiss him.  She made a gesture saying there is nothing I can do 🙂