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Thank you Bucharest, Riga and Vilnius

Thank you Bucharest, Riga and Vilnius

for showing me how different yet similar we are in living our values. We tend to use our differences to put a distance between ourselves. Sometimes, still, we learn to accept our differences as ways to complement and build each other.

In cultures where the value of big words overshadows their meaning, small gestures come to rescue to mean the world.

In places where the mind must absolutely know the exact number or budget, the storyteller will give meaning to both big and small numbers.

In cultures, which knew command and control, a creative mind will find a new way to give birth to chocolate molecules.

Preferences to do things behind the scene will meet the preacher of transparency with “just try it in the open, even if you fail, and you’ll see that it does not hurt”.

A disastrous service will end-up on a positive note, as it was met with kindness and acceptance of the fact that a waiter is also a human and who knows what she has to deal with outside her work.

Our knowledge of cultures will try to attribute the above behaviours to humans from certain countries and/or nationalities. Please do not do that. Attitudes and behaviours have no passports and do not stay confined within borders.

Next time you are in an environment your brain stereotypes about (which is normal, as the brain thinks in categories), just ask it to take a break and inhale the diversity in all its splendor. And if you absolutely must, call me naive. I do not mind.

“I am naive” Molecules Chocolate made in Lithuania, by Domantas Uzpali.

Bucharest, Catedrala Neamului/Nation’s Cathedral, seen from Marriott Hotel.

Riga, flags and church.

“I am naive” Molecules Chocolate made in Lithuania, by Domantas Uzpali.

Thank you, Bucharest!


for your unique taxi drivers. This time I got a free lecture about Romanian politics and democracy seen from behind a taxi wheel, by 60-year-old Giga, a most proud Romanian. And all that in the notorious Bucharest traffic. I got to the airport in no time. Giga is talented at his job.

for your melancholic fog

for new partners who aspire to make Romania a better place to live

for Marriott style hospitality, who is also mindful of the city’s heritage and promotes it to visitors

the sweet gifts to spoil my colleagues

my husband’s favorite cookies. Probably the only ones I do not bake, so I owe you on this one

& new beautiful stationery with a Romanian touch for my kid.

Thank you, Bucharest, for


reminding on my long overdue trip to Paris;IMG_0696
promising new business connections and excellent professional networking;
keeping your churches and prayer places unfenced;
a certain orderly chaos;
your unexplained love of billboards;
very talkative taxi drivers, each with a life story to tell;
accommodating street artists need to express through graffiti;
welcoming my co-nationals businesses @Tucano coffee; Cristina Maxim; La Placinte;
letting your children practice sports on main squares;
a books’ sanctuary called ‘Carturesti’;
keeping your surroundings colourful.
And if I may, a request from the bottom of my heart – please do not let your homeless kids sleep on streets. It’s downheartening.