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The human side of idealism


I’ve witnessed idealism doing harm. Ideals of a dictatorship crushing people’s and generations’ lives.

I am an idealist. I chose my college major out of idealism. Some people choose jobs out of idealism. Met a doctor in an emergency room I took my kid to. She did everything by the book and dropped something like ‚this is not why i went to medical school for” referring to the dreadfull system. There was so much

Radiance in her

Eccentric look with a great deal of power of

Attracton out of


Immersed in the

Altruism and

Loyalty to kids that she could have become an


Teacher in a world of


The tricky thing about IDEALISM is that is flourishes or dyes after the crush with REALITY. It needs to become a new creature to survive,  a … READIALITY , if you wish:

R: radiance

E: eccentric

A: attraction

D: devotion

I: immersion

A: altruism

L: loyalty

I: innocence

T: teacher

Y: yang and/or yin, as you see it.