Thank you Graz

Thank you Graz

for your warm August days,

a fabulous view from your 376 m high Schlossberg after a successful ascend

a proud and filled with history Clock Tower embelished by a beautiful garden

a spectacular way down in a glass lift inside the mountain, putting to test my claustrophobic limits.

wonderful architecture, 

your many fun children playgrounds in Stadtischer Augarten,  

a stroll along Mur,

ice cream and espresso at Roma cafe,

celebrating young Austrian designers in many of specialises shops with very chic dressing rooms

a new discovery – the Chic and Ethic store,

an evening walk with ducks in Burggarten,

a well located Hotel zum Dom where past meets present,

lunch at Kusthauscafe 

yout many rooftop views

a designer island on Mur where you can shop in a small designer shop and have a drink in a cafe while enjoying the Sun on an open terace

Magnificent Landhaus – one of most well preserved Italian Renaissance monuments of architecture 

your talenterted street musicians. “Dad, mom is having again the Ah! moment looking at the blue-eyed musician” :),

your gems hidden in courtyards 

Dinner at L’Osteria served by the Greeck waitress Eleni with the warmth of her helenic smile and Italian language lessons on loud speakers in the ladies room. Combining pleasure with necessities,

hours of fun at Frida und Fred Kindermuseum, where we got to live circus artists lives and to create our own decoration: as i did for my bag:

and humble moments of urban walk reconnected with Mother nature


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