– Did you send postcards from Tartu?

– ?

Our digital world brains tried to locate the concept in the memory. It was at a working dinner with fifty something judges. 50 is a number for their age. 

They were restless:

– you never send postcards from your trips?! I always do. To mom, dad, each of my four kids. Tomorrow you’ll do it as well. 

Our fingers were looking for the nearest post office on the phone screen. 

Next morning we are at these wonderful Estonian judges court. One of them holds poscards. You know – the rectangular piece of thick paper. They make us sit and writte down words on paper. You do not disobey a judge in his court.  One of us: ‘”it’s the first time i do it”.  My brain is not ready to tell me when was it the last time i did it. 

– can i take a pic of the postcard and send it electronically? i ask playfully.  

When was the last time you sent a postcard to your loved ones? Re-live it or do it. It feels good on the giving end.

 It feels good at the receiving end. 

A week after that dinner, my kid greets me in the evening with: “look what the postman gave me!”  🙂

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