Thank you, Tbilisi, for


a verve boost: if you are seeking to renew your enthusiasm, the Georgian Spring is the right place to start;

the Barbaris candy sharing, which became now a tradition, along with life hacks from the most talkative and careful driver; He taught me a new definition of inequality “if 2+2 is 100 for them (aka those in power), and zero for me, then it is not right”. No arguments about that;

the hospitality of a family run hotel;

the revisited taste of my grandmother’s pies in Georgian cheese pastries;

a dinner with lots of fun with a dear friend of mine; it’s a true treasure to know that someone is watching the flight schedule waiting for your arrival;

Door to Justice: Supreme Court of Georgia

a new tea to try. My love does not know yet about it 😉
old partnerships renewed and new collaborative relations established;

the halls of justice: Supreme Court of Georgia

an openness to share and discuss issues which are close to the Georgian hearts and minds;

and my simply excellent and humble colleagues, who constantly nurture my aspiration to be better.

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