“Fifty weeks of green Romance and Recipes” by Linda Watson


The book is a light reading. I finished it on and between two flights. 51hikbthydl__sx322_bo1204203200_

It has a little bit of:

romance, with hints to the other “Fifty shades” book,

a recipes book for easing the way into home cooking,

campaigner guide for the “buy local” and community supported agriculture, known as CSA.

The parody to of the “Fifty shades of grey” starts with the main female character – Sophia – falling down tangled up in a leash at a farmers market. It was the start of the romantic story between Sophia, a woman who just lost her job in political campaigning, and a farmer named Roger. As the romance unfolds, the author skilfully takes the reader to the world of agriculture, related politics and real life of people and their communities.

“Cooking is life. Like eating and love” pretty much summarise the book.  On a personal note, I was doing CSA for three years and it was an excellent investment in both our health and the prosperity of the local farmers we supported.

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