Positive or Negative: it’s a choice


I was having a dessert with my kid at the office cafeteria. A colleague joined us briefly, while waiting for his meeting over coffee to start.

– I admire the cafeteria lady, i said moving my eyes to the lady cleaning tables and arranging chairs, as closing hours were approaching. She is a model of efficiency and politeness combined. She is fast and always serves the coffee with a sunny smile. Even at the end of a super busy day.

– Ya, you should have seen the personnel in the cafeteria in the other building, my colleague responded. They were masters of ignoring you to the point of …Hmm, he said after pausing, it’s amazing how you see the positive examples.

What’s the point of focusing on negatives and ruminating over it? Answers are here:

“Positive or Negative? It’s Your Choice” by Daniel Goleman | LinkedIn published on 6 September 2016.

Negative or positive?: it is a choice. Choices create habits. Habits create expectations. Expectations create responses. Negative or positive. It’s again a choice. Your choice. My choice. I know what I choose 🙂

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