Slow morning rituals


I like slow mornings. Waking up early ahead of all family members. Time for walking or jogging in the  quiet park. Or slow yoga on my dark green mat. Time for curling or straightening my hair. Time for curling words in my notes. Time for my slow moka coffee.

Time for me: “How are you, dear?”. Slow is tender. Slow is sweet. I am too slow to complain. Complaining requires energy. I am on energy-saving mode.

Slow is beautiful. Slow is mindful. It is the twin sister of fast and furious. The one that gets into power mode once the badge opens the office door.

Fast envies slow. It wants more coffee to keep going. Slow does not need coffee or any kind of smart drugs. It is the drug. I need to add a reminder in my phone. “Time for slow”.


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