Thank you, Denmark


for Billund.

Thank you, Billund, for Lego. Or is it the other way around? Billund is considered a company town. It was established and developed around Lego.

Construction site of the new Lego House, Billund, Denmark.

Thank you, Legoland, for transforming me into a ninja, indian canoe rider, Indiana Jones and Egyptian temple discoverer, pirate water canon shooter, dragon rider, firefighter, Atlantis discoverer & gold miner, all in one day. It was soooooo much fun! If you are looking for this kind of fun, Legoland in Billund is a destination to consider. By the way, there seemed to be more adults than kids there. I wonder why ? 🙂
Thank you, Denmark, for reminding us that nature is the best playground.
And that the best setting for sculptures is the nature. Green makes a perfect moving frame. Ants and butterflies also want to admire art.

Balancing Act, by Jens Galschiot, Sculptures Park, Billund, Denmark.

So far, Denmark is my nr 1 child friendly destination: kids authoring sculptures, kids menus for half the price, child friendly hotel facilities, taxi drivers opening the door to kids first, and many many more only as first impressions. If interested, there are 100 destinations for vacations with children (not that i would imagine it any other way).

We admired Billund’s community center open for all big and small, locals and tourists.


Denmark also gets my nr. 1 for universally polite service. And the place where you can have Napoleon’s Hat with your coffee, without offending anyone’s feelings ( 😉 to my French friends).  It was also in Denmark that i learned that microns do not belong to cosmic science. They also tell you important things about chocolate.   This brief visit  made us want to be returning for more sweet memories to collect.

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