Freedom and its best friends


“Freedom is an expensive commodity. Passion is cheap”, is a line in the “Beyond borders” movie in a talk between a man of an undisclosed appartenance and a relief worker.

We are all born free, yet we manage to trade, waste, give away our freedom. We buy things, which own us back. A house on a mortgage, for instance. An expensive car, which demands expensive maintenance. A damaging relationship, which holds us back. Other imposed or self-imposed limits to justify what we cannot or dare not do. There seems to be a turning point from the inborn freedom to laying flowers at our lost freedom. I remember mine.

I met Mireille last weekend. It was at a Know-How festival organised by a network of people and associations in the spirit of sharing what they know. It is based on the savoir faire concept French people adhere to. It invites those who want to learn and know how meet those who can teach or show how some things are done or learned. img_1101

Back to Mireille, a lady in her late 60s by her looks, with her hair braided to the left, bright and curious eyes. She sat at our table during the lunch break between workshops.

– Would you like a tea? Or coffee, perhaps? I asked after an introduction and small pleasantries exchange.

– No, thanks, she said at first. Just to add 2 seconds later: I’ll have a tea. It’s not polite to refuse.

Two cups of tea later, i knew her story. She came to France 30 years ago. When looking for a teacher’s  job, the application asked for her religious views. There were 3 options to choose from: catholic, protestant, other. She wrote “tolerant”. I have to say her sense of humor is still admirable. She got no job in the public sector. She believes that “tolerant” statement is the reason. She managed to get a job in what she loves doing – teaching, in the private sector and stayed faithful to her beliefs and passion. She would do the same 30 years later.

Passion and Love lead to Faith. Faith lead to Freedom. It’s Mireille’s story. It’s my story. It can be anyone’s story.
“Believe in your world

Where you can still dream
Where you can still fly”

are lyrics of a popular song @Carla’s Dream feat Loredana

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