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The other day, I had an exchange with a colleague about a work related issue. Each of us brought arguments and it was a normal exchange, from my point of view. The second day, my colleague approached me when we crossed in the cafeteria excusing herself for being too direct.

“I need to stop being that direct”, she said. “I felt bad after our discussion yesterday”.

“It was a work conversation and I appreciate your arguments. You can be yourself with me and there are no hard feelings”, I responded. “Look into my eyes”. And she looked.

And she saw it in my eyes: an acceptance of the way she argues and that I look beyond a five minute argument to value her as a colleague, as a human who has a point. I walked into her shoes (doing a similar job some time ago). So it helped to understand her perspective. There is probably a connection between walking and seeing…

The video below is done by Amnesty Poland in an attempt to bring humanity back into perspective in the discussions on refugees. Leaving the politics and the related debates aside, this video made me think that we are all refugees to some extent. We all flee from time to time, consciously and unconsciously, mentally or physically,  from hurdles or love, to what we think of as a better place or space…

Looking into eachother eyes is costless and priceless at the same time. It may not change the World, but it may change someone’s world. 



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