Thank you, Tbilisi!

Thank you, Tbilisi!

Thank you, the city of warmth, for welcoming me with satin Sunny mornings;

for your silk evenings,

mesmerizing views from any of your hills,

for keeping your trees Autumn colours intact,

a street florist with violets to bring the Spring’s smell into my colleagues office, 

quite a variety of taxi drivers from a former music producer to a Georgian rap-listening-and-kicking-in-moves-while-driving, 

enforcing the adagio that “zebras belong in zoos” and mad-yet-somehow orderly traffic, 

making international hotels to embrace and promote local culture,

your cuisine and vegan sweets, mouth watering vegetables and khachapuri, 

a perfect Tvishi wine from Teliani Valley for a wedding anniversary,

the joy and pride in people’s eyes when they talk about what they do, 

making room for a 4th Century Church and a 21th century “palace” of the most important public servant of the country (nothing personal), 

for letting me discover you through the eyes and stories of one of my dearest friends, one of your most beautiful and talented daughters. Thank you, Dear & Dear Tbilisi!










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