The happiness of stillness


“Is this a new form of torture?!” screams my brain. “Would you like it to be”, my consciousness responds. “Move, go, jump, …. do something!”, my brain is relentless.
“No”, my consciousness is unimpressed.stillness600

The power of No is salvatory.
Stillness is gaining ground. Over my fingers. Over my eyes. Over my shoulders. Over my mind. Over my blood. Over my resistance. Over my fears. Over my dreams. Over my fights. Over my peace. I am all hers. We are one. An inner smile embraces my body, my heart, my soul.

Yet, the rebellion is about to restart. My brain is awake, in the awe of the power of stillness. “She is mine”, it wants to scream. But stillness is there. A super active brain is silenced by its presence. The brain, apologetically, gets into the sweetest Hello Kitty mode and surrenders to stillness. It baths in stillness. It plunges into its depth just to discover that stillness has no depth. It inhales its beauty with love and gratitude.
“I am home. We are one”.

With gratitude for inspiration “The Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness” by Claudia and James Altucher.

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