Martha Argerich: when music talks


I love to talk about non-lady-gaga people of our times. Sorry, Lady Gaga, nothing personal.images

Martha Argerich is one of greatest pianists of the 20th Century. I “met” her at my gym, on the screen of one of those treadmills connected non-stop to Euronews. It was one of her rare interviews. She is charismatic when she talks, with her fingers painting in the air. She is even more charismatic when she plays piano. She seems to become part of the piano. Or is it the piano that becomes part of her? The critic Alex Ross put it best in a 2001 article about Martha Argerich for The New Yorker : “her unerring naturalness of phrasing allows her to embody the music rather than interpret it”.

I wondered what is her native language, as she did the interview for Euronews in German, just to realise a minute later that music is her language.

She was born in 1941 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A cancer survivor, her belief is „music makes sense only when shared’.

Same goes for writing, my take.

Enjoy! Ravel Piano Concerto:

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