Great on the street, great on the stage: artists create a flash mob


The country I work and live in at the moment is modest in cultural events. Premiers are rare and are usually met with moderate enthusiasm by the public. And it’s a pity, as local artists would probably be the winners of ‘most devoted’ category in an Oscar’s world.537090_265622570238085_1474290529_n

So I wouldn’t have left the flash mob created by local actors unnoticed. Look at these pictures! What do they tell you?… Is it how much colour a person can bring to a dull afternoon in the middle of an apathetic crowd? Or how much devotion artists may demonstrate by going to the public instead of waiting for the public to come to them in one of poorest countries in Europe, where the salary of an actor is about 200 Euro/month and the most expensive theatre entry ticket is about 6 Euro? …

548692_265622603571415_1781967754_nI wish there were interviews with actors and people who witnessed the flash mob to gather its effects. I would have been ecstatic by such a close contact!

These pictures made me pushy on all my local friends urging them to go and see the play. And praise the artists, the play director and the author for persevering with the mission of enriching hearts and souls of an apathetic crowd, which does not know it needs the love and devotion of these humble servants of art perhaps even more than artists need it.

The play is called “Invisible photographs and clowns” by Val Butnaru. It’s the story of a betrayal, disappointment and emotional investment in a profit-free industry (Photos by Aurel Obreja).

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