Do you spoil?


So, do you spoil? Do you get spoiled? I am guilty on both accounts.  Both are equally rewarding, especially when least expected.

The internet and literature is full of negative connotations of spoiling. I wonder if whether we do it justice.

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It’s true, there are limits. The ones you choose and accept. Your internal balance will guide you. With moderation, spoiling brings happiness and a healthy confidence in children. Same goes for adults. At work you notice immediately people who are spoiled. They are confident, eager to embrace new challenges, have their expectations clearly set. In private life, those spoiled at work are easy-going, relaxed and available to their dear ones. The driver who works with us prepares tea for all in our office every morning; his father – a country man – brings coffee in bed to his wife their whole life together.

Spoil as much as you can. And “much” has nothing to do with quantity. Spoiling is not about luxury. A simple word of kindness, a thank you note, a smile, a supportive regard, a shared coffee, a flower on your colleagues’ desk, a home baked dessert, a strawberry on a cookie along your usual coffee can have an amazing ability to enlighten your and someone else’s day.

We don’t need to wait to be spoiled. Spoil yourself. Spoil your body. Spoil you mind. Spoil your soul. With a warm bath, a walk in the park, a delicious cake, a book, a prayer, a massage, a new hair cut, a postponed trip, a visit to the dear ones …

Reward what you want to be happening around you and notice the positive shifts in your life, today and every day.

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