Recycled Orchestra


“The World sends us garbage. We send back music” Favio Chavez, Orchestra Director

This is how the teaser for the upcoming documentary “Landfill Harmonic starts.

Simple words. Powerful love message. Anything can be recycled with Love.

” The film introduces the town of Cateura, a slum in Paraguay built atop a landfill where residents have created music from the trash heaped upon them. Scouring the rubbish, the determined music-lovers have built violins, cellos, and other classical instruments, resulting in the “Recycled Orchestra.”

This kind of happy encounters warm your heart and produce a mental shift into better at a time when you most need it.

Think about it: what is worth it and what is not: the orchestra plays in a place ‘where a violin costs more than a house” 🙂

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