“ – What did your dream about last night, sweetheart?

–        A prince, replies my two year old princess with a nonchalance I envy (especially when I am to respond to a large and diverse audience).”

When was it last time you had a ‘prince’ or a ‘princess’ in your dreams? And ‘never’ is not an acceptable response. Neither is “there are not enough royalty to dream about’. Because it’s not at all about that.

It’s about dreams. About wings’. About aspirations. Positive ambition. Emulation. Reverie. It’s about climbing your own Everest.  Or acquiring your own Holy Grail. Didn’t Martin Luther King start with “I have a dream…”? ….

Remember ‘Peter Pan”? His prescription is simple “all you have to do is to think of a happy little thought”.

If it does not work right away, remember :

“All it takes is a little bit of trust!’.

And here we gooooo, we can fly!

My dream? To become a goodwill ambassador for kids. So that They can Fly!

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